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Montreal director Tamás Wormser to debut short film
at the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad

2010.február 04.

Montreal-based Artesian Films is happy to announce the upcoming premiere of HAND TO HAND by award-winning filmmaker Tamás Wormser, as a contributing artist to the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

When director Tamás Wormser was asked how he would touch a vast audience from around the world, he did not hesitate: hands. The fruit of Wormser’s long-time passion for hands, HAND TO HAND is a cultural and visual odyssey that was made with 66 people and filmed in just three days.

A baby’s grasp, a dancer’s gesture, an athlete’s grip, a craftsman’s touch: hands shape our world. A sensuous visual odyssey following our ever-moving hands, HAND TO HAND is a poetic celebration of our quintessential tool. The film focuses on action rather than beliefs, on unity as opposed to separation, observing Humanity as an entity with many hands.

HAND TO HAND, a sensual and moving portrait of the human hand – and by extension of humanity itself – will be shown between February 13 and March 28 on towering giant screens at the Celebration Sites, on Air Canada flights, on the Internet…

HAND TO HAND was commissioned by CODE (Cultural Olympiad’s Digital Edition) of 2010 Vancouver.

Producer, Director: Tamás Wormser.
Director of Photo: Patrick Antoniewicz,     Editor: Catherine Legault
Original Soundtrack by Bïa Krieger
2:38 minutes; Québec. 2010.

IMPORTANT:  You are cordially invited to the ONLINE SCREENING, at the following link:


Artesian Films      t: 1. 514. 277-1584     info@artesianfilms.com    www.artesianfilms.com


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