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The Great Canadian Whisky Tasting

Magyar Krónika,2017június 29-




The Great Canadian Whisky Tasting 2017, Part 1: Non-Whiskies & Whiskies in Progress
Maison Sivó L’Essence due Rye – Franklin, QC

Sivó produces spirits using in-house grain milling and full size barrels and no colouring added. This in-progress rye is made from Quebec grains, 1/3 malted Barley and 2/3 Rye, and fermented using champagne yeast. It’s aged in new European oak barrels and finished in ex-port barrels, before being bottled at 42% ABV.

  • Nose: cinnamon, apple, cedar, spirity, more rye like
  • Palate: oak, fruity, cereal, perfumey, malty vegetal note, sweet, cinnamon
  • Finish: pepper, oak, some rye spice, very light mint and dill.
  • Overall Comments: impressed for a young spirit, very promising and looking forward to their actual whisky. Very bold choices on the barrels, and nice choice of blend proportions. We look forward to their future releases and whiskies, as their young spirit shows a ton of potential!


  • Maison Sivó L’Essence due Rye 
  • Last Straw Distillery’s Darker Side of the Moonshine
  • Park Distillery Glacier Rye
  • Dixon’s Batch 3 Lightly Aged Rye

Some great promise in this category, and we encourage people to support these distilleries as they work to release full fledged whiskies in the near future!

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