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CINÉMA DU PARC with CHAC is organizing a Photography Exhibition, titled “Kamera Hungarica,” that will be exhibited parallel to the Hungarian Film Festival (presenting films of Hungarian and Hungarian-Canadian filmmakers), from February 25-March 3, 2011 to a large public (approximately 10,000).

Selection: Please email a Maximum of 10 photos to Tamás Wormser  tamas@artesianfilms.com by January 31. Preferences are given to images of Hungarian theme or content. Please number the images and include an information page with your name that numerically lists the images, titles, sizes, year and technique.

Works will be chosen by February 6 and selected artists must have their work delivered to Cinema du Parc by February 20. Special arrangements will be made for artists who are shipping their work from out of Montreal.

The opening will be at Cinema du Parc, in Montreal on February 25, 2011.

Membership in CHAC is a Registration Prerequisite: If your membership has lapsed please send a $ 30 cheque made out to CHAC (Mail to: Agi Szeben 7465 Mulberry Avenue, Montreal, QC  H3R 2S8)

We apologize for this very short notice but looking forward to an exciting show.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours to your submission, please contact Tamás at (514) 277-1584.

Film Festival’s Programmer: Yuri Berger

Kamera Hungarica Curators: Gabor Szilasi & Tamás Wormser

Technical Asistant Judith Klugerman

Promotion: Julia Ciamarra, Andrea Blanar & Barbara Brzezinski


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