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Lakatos Roby in Lanaudiere Joliette Amphitheatre

Magyar Krónika, július 10.
Lakatos Roby és együttese

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Sunday July 26 at 2 PM
Roby Lakatos and the gypsy violin
Roby Lakatos and his ensemble

For  a group of 20 or more with tax
And 15% discount: per person:
Seating under the roof:
A+ > $27.27
A   > $21.25
B   > $17.84
C   > $15.29


If it interests you send me a message:
I give you 2 days
We can organize the cars.
Please let me know if you can take some one or you need transport

We can reserve for pick-nick under a tent, but we have to be there at 1:00

"Roby Lakatos, accompanied by his talented five-piece 'Gypsy Band', slithered and scampered his way - at about 100 notes a second - through four show stoppers, each more preposterously exuberant than the last." (The London Times)
To the delight of all, Roby Lakatos, the world’s greatest gypsy violinist, returns to the Festival at the head of his quintet. Last time he was here he was accorded the reception usually reserved for royalty and rock stars. With a touch of magic, he conjoins classical music with the vibrancy of Hungarian gypsy music to produce unforgettable performances.

Travel Indications
Estimated Time: 50 minutes from the Hungarian Catholic Church
Estimated Distance: 66.42 kilometers
How to get to the Amphitheatre
1655, Base-de-Roc Blvd., Joliette, QC, J6E 3Z1
The Amphitheatre is located approximately 30 minutes from the eastern tip of the Island of Montreal.
From the South Shore use Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine Tunnel; From Laval take the 640 East Expressway; From Montreal take the 40 East Expressway. Please follow these directions:
- Expressway 40 East towards Trois-Rivieres / Québec - Exit 122
- Road 31 North to Joliette Centre. Then follow indications for the Amphitheatre.
On Road 31, take Exit 7, turn left towards Saint-Paul and after 150 feet, follow and directions. You are 5 minutes away.

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