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Dear Patrick,
Magyar Krónika 2019. 05. 27. események
MIKOR LESZ VÉGE A HÁBORÚNAK?Kilenc órakor keltem föl. Elmentem a kávéházba reggelizni. - Mikor lesz már vége ennek a háborúnak? - kérdezte tőlem a pincér. - Bizony, sejtelmem sincs róla - feleltem. Reggeli után a borbélyhoz mentem. - Lesz-e valaha vége ennek a borzasztó háborúnak? - kérdezte a mester.
GASZTRONÓMIASzoky konyhája
I agree with your portrayal of Viktor Orbán PM in today's paper and hope that you will also give a portrayal of the powerless thousands attending the World's largest outdoor mass (June 1, celebrated by Pope Francis in Csiksomlyó).
If you do, you will be talking with the "real" Hungarians to whom the term "liberal" is not a code word for Jewish to gain political power, but a refernce to the "liberal" Western leaders, who - for no reason - dismembered Hungary and turned  millions of Hungarians into foreigners in the very towns that were built by their fathers. You will see that to them, the term "liberal" means hypocrate", it has nothing to do with Jews, it has to do with these liberal leaders of Europe, who claim to be concerned about human rights, but did not lift a finger to provide at leaset local autonomy them.

The other point I would like to mention is the Russian role in spreading anti-semitism. During Russsian occupation after WW2, it was their intentional strategy to place Jews into the position of power (government, sectert police, the courts, etc.), so that the hate of the Hungarian population be directed at them and not the Kremlin. These people were not Hungarians (they were called "moskovites"). You learn from the menoirs of Rákosi and Gerő, that they did not refer to the Hungarians as "us", but as "they" and the same was the case with the judge and jury that hanged Imre Nagy PM. Today, Hungary is still "occupied" by the Russians (85% of gas, 90% of oil, 100% of Uranium comes from Russia) and so does anti-liberal and anti-semitic propaganda. The anti-Soros and anti-NGO campaign was started in Russia as part of their anti-EU efforts.

While you probably knew all this, I do not believe that all your readers do (nor do they know about the deeds of the 823 Hungarians who have trees on the Mount of Remembrance in Israel), while and these two topics also belong to the full picture when we talk about code-words and anti-semitism in Hungarian politics.    

Best regards, Béla Lipták